We specialise in engineering consulting and management services. This includes Mechanical and Electrical services. Depending on our client’s requirements, we offer expertise either in Operational Management services or in an Advisory/Consulting capacity in the following areas:


Commissioning and certification of mechanical and electrical -systems, plant and equipment in most engineering environments but with specific experience and expertise in healthcare facilities.

Acceptance Testing:

Acceptance testing of mechanical and electrical systems, plant and equipment on behalf of the principle agent, consulting engineer or the client.


  • Electrical and Mechanical design services.
  • Electrical and Mechanical installation and contractor management.
  • Engineering management consulting, including system development.

Facility/Asset Management: (Service provided through Curis Facility Management)

  • Condition audits of local and international hospitals and medical equipment.
  • Engineering and building services.
  • Project management of engineering construction projects.
  • Engineering forensic incident analysis.
  • Infrared scanning and electrical audits of commercial installations.

Health and Safety: (Service provided through Saftek Technologies)

  • Legislative assistance with criminal and civil proceedings.
  • Construction health and safety consulting.
  • Health, safety and environmental audits.
  • Health and Safety training with continuous professional development (CPD) certification.